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Grateful for Laugh Lines

Last week I was inspired by Colline’s Blog to post what I am grateful for. I think, like Colline I will make this a weekly post.

This week I’m grateful for the grey in my hair and the laugh lines around my eyes. Not everyone is given the pleasure of growing old enough to have grey glitter hair.

And I feel very fortunate to have have so many full face smiles and lots of laugh lineslaughter in my life. So much so that it is engraved on my face in memory of those wonderful times. The lines also hold the promise of more to come!



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3 thoughts on “Grateful for Laugh Lines

  1. Funny story…. when I was quite small maybe 3-5 years old we went into a bake shop. We would linger because it always smelled so good. As we looked in the display cases a older lady came in. Her face had so many lines, wrinkles and creases. She smiled at me and I could see right away they were laugh lines. I thought to my small child self if I grow up and have wrinkles I want those kinds of wrinkles.


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