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Grateful for .. sunshine

While there’s still a chill in the air and it doesn’t yet ‘smell’ like spring. I can feel that it’s coming.

It’s that “ahhh” feeling when your face is bathed in sunlight. The sun just feels different this time of year.

And that beautiful sun melts away the winter.  See you later winter! Until next year when I’m excited again about the magic of the first snow!WP_20150306_13_46_32_Pro



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3 thoughts on “Grateful for .. sunshine

  1. We had over 1 month of gray skies and or rain. I also was grateful when the sun returned. I even sat in the window where the sun streamed in so I could soak up all I could before it was gone again.
    Yesterday was clear skies but weak sun due to the air quality. 😦 Even on clear days its not sunny.


      1. Yes it is depressing with gray all the time. We have has SO much rain the past 2 years it is bad enough without pollution blocking out the sun when it isn’t raining 😦 It is time to come home and enjoy. Whenever I am home I stare into the sky and enjoy watching sunsets and clouds drift by. I certainly don’t take it for granted anymore.

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