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Phoneography Challenge: Fire truck


This week it’s our pick. My day started normally. As I pondered what photo I wanted to share.. I heard them. That heart stopping sound. The sirens ..they sound different when they’re right outside your door.

Across the street my neighbours house was on fire. I could see the flames coming up from the main floor touching the second floor. The firefighters quickly did their job.

From what I heard the fire was in the garage and no one was hurt.

Today’s photo is what was parked outside my door. It’s what heroes ride in.




Taken through my window with my Nokia Lumia 920.

To see what other people picked this week:





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16 thoughts on “Phoneography Challenge: Fire truck

  1. I like that the image shows a sense of urgency. You caught it at just the right moment: the post processing or the fact that you took it through a window made it out of focus, which meshes with what it represents. Well done. Happy Photo Challenge.


  2. This is an excellent abstraction. Did you use a camera app or was it just the blurry window? It turned out really well and certainly conveys a panicky, confused feeling that one often associates with emergency situations. Hope there is not too much damage.


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