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Grateful for time with friends.

be happy it happenedThis past week “our” store closed. Our store is one of over a hundred that is closing. What you don’t read in the media is how we took being a team to heart. We consider ourselves family. A job is a job but the people you work with can make it special.

I am so grateful that I was lucky enough to get to know these people. I truly enjoyed my time with them.

I loved hearing snippets of their life. New grandbabies, the next exam, kids birthday Friends say good byesurprises, joys of sporting events, trials of juggling schedules, fun dates and omg dates, the just turned 19 stories and the day to day stories.

Farewell my friends. I wish you all the best. I’m grateful for what you added to my life.



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3 thoughts on “Grateful for time with friends.

      1. Well that may be a good sign that you are ready to move on and find something. You had a lot of time to prepare emotionally. Not that it made it easier, but you were ready. Finding jobs is hard work. I have started the process as we move in 3 months and it is crazy with all the hoops to jump through. What happened in the last 5 years? No one wants just a resume anymore!

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