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Light it Up Blue

World Autism Day

#AutismFact: The idea of an autism spectrum was first introduced by Lorna Wing and Judith Gould in 1979

#AutismFact: Some people with autism may develop fascinations or special interests

#AutismMyth: All people with autism are good at maths, art and music #worldmathsday
#AutismFact: People w/ autism will often learn a lot about a topic they’re fascinated with & be perceived as experts

#AutismFact: Fascinations, repetitive behaviour & routines can be a source of enjoyment for people autism

#AutismFact: Special interests may provide structure & predictability to people w/ autism, helping them cope with uncertainties of daily life

#AutismFact: People w/ autism who find social interaction difficult may use their special interests to start conversations & feel relaxed

#AutismFact: Mothers across the world dedicate their lives to supporting and caring for loved ones with autism #Mothersday

#AutismFact: Special interests of people with autism can improve self-esteem, encourage socialising & develop skills

#AutismMyth: After being supported through school, people with autism instantly adapt to adult life
#AutismFact: Many young people with autism find it difficult to imagine life beyond school & what being in a workplace will involve

#AutismFact: Big changes, such as transition from children’s to adult services, can be traumatic for people w/ autism

#AutismMyth: People with autism no longer require support once they leave school
#AutismFact: Planning & support are vital to ensure transition is as smooth as possible for people with autism




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3 thoughts on “Light it Up Blue

  1. John worked with a boy at my school last year who has autism. With John’s quirky personality and fun loving nature it was surprising how this boy came to love him so much… especially with John so unpredictable. He just lights up every time he sees him.

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