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Throwback Thursday ~ Tourist in my own Town: Round ~ Travel Theme


Early in April Canadian Travel Bug asked us to show “round” as the theme for her monthly Tourist in Your Own Town. This week when I posted my Wordless Wednesday photo I realized that I had found my highlight for CTB’s challenge.

And now Where’s My Backpack has also asked us to show round.

The beautiful focal window in Avila Hall, the chapel at Mount Carmal Spritual Center.

round window

While I haven’t had the pleasure of seeing this window from the other side the photos are amazing. On the Mount Carmel Spiritual Center’s website they’ve posted several photos of this beautiful piece of Niagara History.

I’ve loved these building for years. The timeless beauty has called to me.  They were build in the late 1800s. (see link above for more information).  I love how these buildings quietly command your attention with their subtle mixture of new in the old. (solar panels) And stand out from the new buildings beside them.


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