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WP Photo Challenge: Afloat

For years my sisters family and mine have gone to Allegany State Park in the spring. ‘Our’ cabin is near one of the many steams that wander through this beautiful area.

When we first started enjoying this area a game of Pooh Sticks was exciting enough. However, for the past few years the kids (and the ‘big’ kids) have had a challenge.DSCF4322 cropped

They get one hour to use what they can find in the woods surrounding us to make a boat. (Plus some string!) They then have a race. The winner is often debated so a second race is usually done.

Here’s a few of last years boats afloat in the stream.

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Afloat.”



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11 thoughts on “WP Photo Challenge: Afloat

          1. Wow… maybe all those little boats paid off đŸ˜‰ What schools is she thinking? Canada doesn’t seem to be all about the school as much as the US, but it does pay to go to the university with your best program of choice. Have you got the magazine all about universities? I think it is Macleans. We should also talk to Melanie… that is her area.

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