Phoneography & Non SLR Digital devices Photo challenge: Challengers Choice ~ Clouds

I’ve shared a fair number of flower photos lately so I thought I’d look in another direction.

For these photos I looked up. The one has a lot of distractions in it but captures the feeling, the moment that caught my eye and made me pull over to take it. Moments like these are why I love how far the cameras in our phones have come. They give us so many more opportunities to be spontaneous.

WP_20150420_17_32_30_ProWhen I zoomed in for the next photo I lost the really dark clouds. I enjoy the photo but I stopped to take these photos because of the mixture of clouds / weather. It was a crazy day..windy, stormy, bright blue skies, warm and cold. All within minutes of each other. A very Canadian spring day ! LOL


Kindly treat yourself and visit Lens and Pens by Sally to see what the other challengers decided to share this week.


  1. As they say… if you don’t like the weather wait 5 minutes. I am in Alberta and it was 16c and sunny. Wind was biting, but the sun was warming. Stay out of the wind and it was lovely. As we walked around the patios were full and people were wearing shorts and tank tops despite the chill. Nothing like Canadians and the first warm day…. strip down and head out!


Kindly share your ponderings!

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