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Photo Challenge ~ Motion (2)

We were asked to tell the story behind our motion photos for this weeks challenge. I had a difficult time deciding on which photo to share so I went with a the theme of water in motion. So I have a collection of short stories.

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In the slide show:

The motion of the rain on the window made me pause longer (to take the photo) before dashing into the store.

A photo of the water rushing over Niagara Falls. Last February, even the deep cold couldn’t stop it’s motion.

The racing stream pulling the grass along with it, as if the place the water was rushing to was the most wonderful place to be.

The crashing motion of the waves after a storm on Lake Erie are fascinating and scary.

And finally.. the constant motion of the Niagara River still isn’t enough to move the old scowl. It’s be resisting the motion of the river since 1918.


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