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Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge: Travelling to Allegany

I adore going to Allegany State Park NY USA. There is such a vast amount of beauty I just could take photos forever. I could spend an equal amount of time just wandering letting it all soak in.

Even as we’re driving, heading home, I just had to snap a few more photos. Here’s my favourite (at least it is at this moment)


Here’s a couple more that I took with my Nokia Lumia 920 , they were taken on the way to Allegany.

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Kindly visit Sally’s site: Lens and Pens by Sally to join this fun challenge.

Guidelines to enter remain the same, which include a different theme each Monday of the month. The challenge pushes our creative energy and experimentation. Please join the fun. Happy mobile photo challenge.



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11 thoughts on “Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge: Travelling to Allegany

  1. ohhhh blue sky and clouds. I am drawn in every time. Last week we had a few days in a row, maybe even all week!, with blue sky and fluffy clouds. I would find myself daydreaming out the window and sitting in the little patch of sun. Then I remember Oh ya I’m the teacher! Wake up and stop day dreaming! hee heee

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