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Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge ~ Rainbow

When I was pondering what photo to pick for Sally’s Challenger’s Choice today I was still thinking about the WP Challenge this week.

I was thinking of something abstract.. the mist from Niagara Falls made a natural filter for the photo of the rainbow and the Canadian Falls. I like the blurry / dreamy effect.

Niagara Mist

Taken with my Nokia Lumia 920 phone. I cropped it a little to focus on the water.

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My WP entry this week:


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15 thoughts on “Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge ~ Rainbow

    1. It’s funny that you mention the noise. The roar of the Falls is such a part of living here that I only really notice it when it’s not there. When it’s dark they divert water to the hydro plants and lessen the flow over the falls. When they’ve had to do that during the day it’s really kind of strange.


      1. It’s like getting used to traffic noise in a city, I imagine. When we stay in a motel, we try to run the AC or the fan all night to provide white noise. We get used to that noise rather than being awakened by a loud noise during the night.

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