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Grateful for… my home, my country

I’ve been thinking of this more because of our recent 148th birthday!

I’m grateful for the variety that is Canada. We embrace different seasons, languages, foods..

We are so lucky to have choices. Which of the variety of foods do we want to buy? What holidays do we want to observe? For those who love clothes we have 4 beautiful seasons that make it necessary for us to have a variety of footwear, coats and general clothing. And yes, some days we get to choose from that variety all in one day. Shorts and parkas… is that a Canadian thing?maple leaf

I’m grateful that I can proudly say… I AM CANADIAN.



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3 thoughts on “Grateful for… my home, my country

  1. One of the things about working overseas is you become proud of your heritage. I remember having a heritage day at grade school and admiring the fancy dresses and different traditional clothes. Why didn’t we get to wear something like that? Living away I started to appreciate the little things about home… and notice we are special too. It is interesting to see your country and hear the stereotypes through someone else’s eyes.


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