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On Impulse..

I changed the theme of my blog. I just wanted something a bit different. Still not sure if I’ve ‘made it mine’ yet.

I needed to spruce up something. We’re (as in my hubby is doing the work I’m designing.) close to finishing the bathroom reno. It was delayed by a year because my hubby had to move my in-laws and sell their house. That was a bit of a surprise because it went from ‘they’ll be on a waiting list for over a year’ to they can move in 2 weeks! Then..well stuff happened.

But here I am typing in the middle of the dry wall ‘leftovers’, paint and tools, the new toilet and sink. The ceiling will be painted tonight and (fingers crossed) the flooring will go down tonight too!

I keep peeking in to see the newly green walls, just to remind myself why my house looks like this.

I’ve spent hours online / on Pinterest looking for ideas. This was my ‘inspiration’ page.  Benjamin Moore’s Guilford Green on the walls / one of these for accent tiles / browns for the flooring and white accents.

bathroom colours

My hubby has now banned me from watching any more home renovation shows.He’s not done in the bathroom yet, but I’ve planned what’s being done to our front walk way. 😉



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