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Grateful for this series of blog posts.

What I love about adding a ‘grateful for’ post each week is it allows me to ponder the week past, push the nagging stuff aside and focus on the important stuff.

Just like the saying “you are what you eat”…you are what you think. If you want to be happy and grateful, you have to mindfully decide each day to be happy. Look for the little moments that make the day. The shape of a cloud in a blue sky. The taste of your first sip of coffee. The giggle of a child in the next aisle.

This week I’m focusing on the birthday’s we celebrated. My littlest nephew turned 5 and my baby sister turned… a year more beautiful. It was wonderful watching my kids patiently play with their younger cousin. (and a little amusing to see how tired he made them!)

Kindly visit Colline’s blog to read about what she was grateful for this week.

edit: This post is my 500th!!!!! I can’t think of a better post to celebrate my bloggin journey! 

  1. 500 Posts
    Congratulations on writing 500 posts on Patchwork Ponderings!


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4 thoughts on “Grateful for this series of blog posts.

  1. Reading your post this week made me smile – thank you.
    You have written exactly why it is I do a gratitude post each week. Often we forget what it is we should be thankful for and a little time for reflection just helps me focus on what is good in y life.
    Enjoy your week and congratulations on 500 posts.


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