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Phoneography and Non-SLR Digital Devices Photo Challenge ~ Black and White (Monday Musings)


measuring the stitches

Photo taken with Nokia Lumia 920. Edited with Lumia Creative Studio. (Black and White strong filter)

Taking good photos with my mobile phone is such a nice luxury. My phone was with my while I was crocheting this project because I had just searched Pinterest, found a pattern I liked then went to the website and downloaded it. I was reading from the PDF file when this composition caught my eye.

I am definitely showing my age here … I remember when teachers would say with great confidence “you won’t walk around with a calculator in your pocket!” now that calculator is just a small part of what we do carry in our pockets. Technology has developed in a blink. My kids hardly believe me when I tell them how big computers were when I was their age. LOL Ok… I had a point when I started this “back in my day” pondering. đŸ™‚

I like the black and white filter for this shot. In contrast with the technology that was used to take the photo, crocheting has been the same handmade craft for many many years.

This weekly challenge root’s can be found at Lens and Pens by Sally


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