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Grateful for ..rain

Warning.. This may be considered a “butterfly post” fluttering from thought to thought. 😉

I think I’ll share why at first blush this is funny/odd..Soon we’re heading out to go camping. I’m thrilled the forecast is for sun! So why, you may ask, am I grateful for rain?

Well our June was sooo wet that I was sure this trip was going to be a rainy wet one. We’ve done it before and knew howcamping tarp to prepare for it.  I honestly don’t mind rainy days while camping. Camping is fun in the rain when you’re prepared. Night time however… I am not one of those people (“Paddy bear stare” at my hubby) who find the rain drops soothing. So I’m looking forward to our fair weather forecast.

Why am I grateful for rain?

We’ve had our share plus the West coast’s share this past spring. Now we’re having an occasional rainy day mixed with a healthy amount of sun. A few days ago the weather channel was explaining that the hazy was from the smoke from the forest fires far west of us. Something so big and scary is difficult to imagine. Seeing the smoke blown this far east puts some perspective on it.

Seeing the photos and the news night after night. I wish we could send some rain to the other side of North America. I wonder… would the cost of scooping up and shipping all the east coast snow be less than some of the costs the drought areas are paying now?

bath timeI am grateful for the rain because it gives us, the animals and plants so much.

Colline was grateful for a free concert this week!


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