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Anne, with an ‘e’

Anne’s stories are written on well worn pages. I love how she finds adventure and beauty in the everyday. I adore how she seeks “scope for the imagination”. So much so that I’ve used that idea for my blog. A little of this and that, whatever provides me with ‘scope for my imagination’.

Anne and DianaAnne is kind, curious, loyal, determined, independent, loves reading and learning. Her stories have stayed with me. I haven’t really thought about it ’til today but yes, her stories have influenced who I am today. My qualities that I’m most proud of are those that I adore in Anne. LOL As I type I’ve made an observation about myself… I even choose red tones when I dye my hair. Is that because I like how the red tones bring out my freckles? Or do I want to look like Anne?

Unlike Anne, I’m not a story teller. So I’ll keep this short.WP_20150808_11_25_58_Pro

I loved Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery as a child and now as an adult. As an adult I’m also proud that this is a Canadian Classic. That it is so beloved we’ve made it a Parks Canada Heritage Place.


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Bedtime Stories.”


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