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Grateful for pepper jelly.

The other night I received an unexpected delivery. Much to my delight, I found a jar of homemade pepper jelly on my front steps. I am grateful for that simple, kind gesture. But it represents much more ..jelly-jar1

Earlier in the day I had commented on her Facebook post that I remember how yummy her pepper jelly was. Five or six years ago when my daughter was in her class she had shared a jar with us. It’s been a couple years since my youngest had the privilege of being in her class and she’s since moved schools. [Thanks to Facebook I still get to keep in touch with this wonderful teacher/ kind lady.]

This kind gesture just says so much about who she is and why I am so grateful that she came into our lives and left her mark in our hearts. What she taught my kids was way more important than the curriculum. She showed them kindness, perseverance, love of learning, leadership, forgiveness, being brave..make mistakes and she did all this with care and laughter.

What’s even more wonderful is she is not the exception. My children’s elementary school had (has) many other teachers that care for children with their heart and soul.  The time they spend caring for the children and their families is inspiring.

BnW HeartsMy daughter’s third grade teacher made (made…not bought) several meals for us when my father passed away. My son’s grade six teacher purchased with his own money (and donations from his Dad) prizes, props and party items for his yearly golf/ Green Jacket. It’s a month long theme that he does to engage his class throughout all the subjects he teaches.  He’s been doing that for at least 5 years. My daughter’s grade 8 teacher and I had a random conversation about candy from when we where kids. The next day I found a bag of ‘old fashion’ candy in my mailbox. Her grade 8 teacher’s belief in my daughter fueled her love of reading and inspired her to achieve her best. My daughter refers to her every time she studies…my daughter is heading into grade 12. My son’s coach for the past few years is the type of man who has a way of believing in the kids that make them believe in themselves. He gives a 200%  One of the other teachers said to this coach about my son, “He would go through a brick wall for you, if you asked.”

I could go on and on about how lucky we have been to have these teachers in our lives. I am so grateful.

The simple kind act of giving a jar of pepper jelly speaks volumes about one beautiful lady and her fellow elementary teachers.

What are you grateful for this week?

Colline is grateful for …  Why don’t you pop over to her blog to find out?  Please take a moment to share with me or link to Colline’s grateful post.






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  1. I am so grateful to be in a family full of teachers and am blessed to have let this vocation select me too. I always say ‘you don’t pick teaching , teaching picks you!’ . Loved your post. Teachers matter …TRUE !

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