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Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge: Challenger’s Choice ~ Evening Panorama

It’s been an odd week. One of those weeks where I can’t really tell you what I’ve been busy / distracted with, yet here it is Thursday and I’m just posting what should be my Monday post.

As I read Sally’s post today her comments about using the panorama setting caught my imagination. These photo both have a kind of ‘blurry’ effect that the evening just after a storm, under the lights caused. The sky was a huge blur of colour.

I took the first photo with the recommended three photos. Even though I lined up the arrows as suggested by the camera …this happened.

rainbow over field (2)

Next I tried forcing it to only use two photos to make the final photo. This time I captured what I wanted..the full rainbow over the baseball diamond..without the horrible lack of matching up of the field.  That first photo still annoys me. I liked the shades of blue and purple in the sky. It seemed the right amount of dark and light but THAT line…. ugh

rainbow over field (1)

I used my Nokia Lumia 920 with the Lumia Panorama app.

Sally captured a beautiful night photo. Kindly visit her site to enjoy it and find links to more Challenger Choice photos for this week.



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2 thoughts on “Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge: Challenger’s Choice ~ Evening Panorama

  1. Well done, I particularly was drawn to the first image. It reminds me of fourth of July celebrations with fireworks to commemorate the anniversary of our country’s birth. It’s a lovely night light show. Happy Photo Challenge.


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