Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge: Nature ~ Pondering

overlooking the lake (2) overlooking the lake (3) overlooking the lake (1)

This series of photos taken on our last day of our camping trip seem like a good set for the last day of my summer. I was standing in (about) the same spot for each photo; I just used the zoom function for the different shots.

I like this series as it feels like a good ‘pondering place’. To mull over the summer fun and wonder what the year to come will bring.

This post is part of a weekly challenge. Kindly visit Lens and Pens by Sally  to join us.


          1. Well it could be worse since this day last year there was snow accumulation in Calgary. It did some damage to big trees since they still held their leaves.
            By the end of the week it should be warmer here and ‘normal’ again.

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