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Travel Theme: Angles

My mind immediately traveled to Toronto, Ontario, Canada, to the Royal Ontario Museum, commonly referred to as The ROM, where you are greeted by some interesting angles at the “new” entrance.


WP_20150130_12_43_41_ProToday’s main entrance to the ROM was opened in 2007. Giving visitors more room as they enter this amazing museum.

The modern angles are in beautiful contrast to the “old” entrance where there are some ‘traditional’ angles but mostly it’s dominated by the roundness of the arch.

“Why should one expect the new addition to the ROM to be ‘business as usual’? Architecture in our time is no longer an introvert’s business. On the contrary, the creation of communicative, stunning and unexpected architecture signals a bold re-awakening of the civic life of the museum and the city.”

– Daniel Libeskind, Architect, Michael Lee-Chin Crystal

As you wander through different parts of history; history of our planet and of our peoples, you’ll find an assortment of beautiful angles. My favorites are in the Gem and Crystal collection, which inspired the architect of the ‘new’ addition / entrance.

Kindly visit Where’s My Backpack to view more angles. This weeks photo challenge can be found HERE.



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