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Grateful for technology.

With all the uproar about how technology is taking away from actual communication it seems a little awkward to be saying how grateful I am for my smart phone and social media.

I’m grateful for how it has allowed me to stay in touch with friends who are miles away.

It’s nice to have that ability to share a random thought with them. You know … when you see something and you giggle thinking of a story your friend told you. It’s not a ‘sit down and write a letter’ funny or have a full conversation funny just …a giggle. It’s nice to have the option to just randomly text a friend.

Or when a friend who’s life has taken her out of your everyday stuff but you can still keep up with the big things in each others lives via social media. Today I read on Facebook that a friend I haven’t seen in a while has given birth to a boy. 🙂 An added bonus … a photo of the handsome new addition to their family.

Colline is grateful for a piece of more personal communication. Kindly pop over to her blog to read more about it.



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