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Thankful for Family time

First, I have to mention how funny I find it that last week I didn’t post a ‘grateful for’ post because my computers hard drive crashed. The previous week I was grateful for technology! lol

With Thanksgiving this coming weekend I have to say how thankful I am for my family and the food we can serve. We have the tradition of the whole family, from the youngest child to the oldest adult help prepare the meal. It’s loud and busy but our day is full of laughter.

I have several American friends and they often ask why Canadian Thanksgiving is earlier than American Thanksgiving. My answer… “It’s either because being North of you our harvest comes earlier. OR We’re Canadian, we always says ‘Thank you’ first.” 😉

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6 thoughts on “Thankful for Family time

  1. It will be my first Thanksgiving on Canadian soil in 5 years. I am very excited about it. In China there isn’t a thanksgiving and it is hard to find turkey there. Luckily for 2 years my American friend invited us for dinner (before they returned to the US) and we celebrated in November, but the flavors and fun were the same. Last year a Canadian friend had us all over for ham. Still nothing is like the crisp air, the smell of the falls leaves and having some apple cider on a cold day.


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