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Only light can do that.

I am deeply saddened by the events in Paris last Friday.

I am shocked that on social media people have been using this hateful series of events to fuel hate. I’ve seen people saying that ‘we’ shouldn’t help refugees because we have homeless and poor in our country.

I’m not sure why “we” feel that it’s an either / or choice.  What makes this human more worthy of help than that human? When did our hearts become so small that we could only help limited people?

“They” say that letting in refugees is letting in terrorists. How is a terrorist born?  Humans are not born terrorists. Humans are not born hating. They are taught to hate.

What if this is “that moment” in someone’s life? They ran from a life of horror, only to be turned away.. what if that is the last straw that snaps their mind and they become the monster?

Why are “we” not looking around and seeing “our” poor / homeless need help AND these people need help. Let’s show them kindness. Let’s teach them love not hate.

Be the light. Believe in the good.



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One thought on “Only light can do that.

  1. Well said. I think we are too caught up with the new ‘me’ generation where simple acts of kindness are lost. Look at social media encouraging people to do nice things… shouldn’t that be just part of our everyday?


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