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Grateful for lots of hugs and being away

I’m such a creature of habit. When my normal routine was changed these past few weeks I just got away from sharing regularly the “grateful for” posts. So, I’m adding a “catch up” to this weeks post.

~ ~ ~

Our school break was two weeks and the week prior to that we went on a family vacation. (to DISNEY WORLD !!).

one-the-best-feelings-in-the-world-is-when-you-hug-someone-you-love-and-they-hug-you-back-even-tighterWhen I went back to my job at the elementary school on Monday I was very grateful and happy to receive lots of ‘Mrs. you’re back’ and lots of hugs.


~ ~ ~

Like Colline, I also was very grateful for all the family time that we had over the holiday/ three weeks.

Our week in Walt Disney World was great. It’s a whole different experience when you go with teens. When they were younger it was such a treasure to see the magic fill their eyes and hearts. This time, the vacation was more relaxing but just as fun. They appreciate the details that Disney puts into their magic now.WDW Dec 2015

We decided to go to Disney when it hit us that our daughter’s next adventure would leave her with very little time (if any) for family vacations. Spending time, laughing, talking and just enjoying being together is so precious. Grateful just doesn’t seem like a big enough word to express how I feel about that week.


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