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Grateful for music

I’ve always had an eclectic music collection. The music on my phone often surprises people since some of the music / bands are far from what they expect.

My current playlist includes songs from Disney movies, some classical, a few 80s hits, current mainstream top 10 and a couple of songs by a heavy metal band.

The songs from the heavy metal are not some of their “shouting” music as I call it. But if my son hadn’t played these songs for me I would have missed out because I would have dismissed them based on the group’s ‘type’ of music.

Kindly pop over to Colline’s Blog to see what she is grateful for this week!

This week I’m grateful that my son expanded my music collection. He introduced me to this song.





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4 thoughts on “Grateful for music

    1. I remember road trips with my parents where only their music was allowed. So I make a point of letting my kids pick the music or at least having a say in the music. The world would be a much less colourful; less joyful place without music.

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