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I’m grateful for the opportunity to give.

I love the warm feeling I get when I get to give a little something. My friend said that she liked a crochet wreath that she saw.

inspired by Attic 24's Valentine Sweet Heart
inspired by Attic 24’s Valentine Sweet Heart

So I made one for her and gave it to her today. It was the highlight of my day watching her get that twinkle in her eye and her smile.

The other thing that I’ve done to warm my heart is share some tiny crocheted hearts with the staff at the school I work at. I’ve been leaving them on their desks and in their cubbies all week. Bonus was I got to make so many of these adorable crocheted hearts !

little heart



I can’t think of many other ways that warm a heart so well on these cold February days. I’m grateful that I can make these little things and that I have the opportunity to share.

Kindly pop over to Colline’s Blog to read about the little songs that made her happy.




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