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WP Photo Challenge: Life Imitates Art

NPC Spring birch

A couple springs ago my hubby and I were wandering through the Botanical Gardens in the Niagara Parks, Niagara Falls ON. It was a stunningly beautiful day after a long cold winter. Spring’s first flowers were just starting to bloom; it was a wonderful day to take photos.

When I was wandering through paintings by Canadian artists I found several of birch trees. The painting that I’m highlighting today is by Susan Barnett-Jamieson.

Susan is from Burlington, Ontario, Canada.  She says,

I try to capture a sense of simplicity and energy in my paintings. What I enjoy most about painting is the feeling of sinking happily into the process….

Spring Birch Grove by Susan Barnett-Jamieson via

I love this painting by Susan Barnett-Jamieson. She indeed captured the energy of a Canadian spring day in this painting!

Kindly visit WordPress’ photo challenge page to see other photos and pieces of artwork.



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