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Travel Theme: Sensory

The constant roar of Niagara Falls and the frequent blanket of mist …

As someone who lives a stone throw from the natural wonder, I do have to take exception to Ailsa’s description “oily” makes the frequent mist seem unappealing. You don’t just see and hear “the Falls” you become enveloped in the experience. During the summer it’s cooling; during fall and spring it’s brisk and during the winter it creates a magical world.

Soon Niagara’s gardens will be waking up. The Niagara Parks Commission‘s greenhouses are already full of inviting scents. Soon our outdoor gardens will be full of beauties such as these hyacinths.

So close ..the scent of the hyacinths is potent.

Kindly visit Where’s My Backpack? to enjoy more sensory highlights. You have to see the photo of the cars!



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