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If we were having coffee… May 8th

If we were having coffee I’d be moving it to the side of the table so I could share all of my “Mom photos”.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE being Mom to my two wonderful kids (and my two fur babies!)

While I almost never show photos of my kids here I have tons of them at home and on my phone. My Facebook feed is full of “proud Mom” posts. This week my son’s first place throw in shot put is front and centre! My latest photos on my phone feature my “cleaning fairy”. Every year I ask for the house to be cleaned for Mother’s Day. I had made a joke to my daughter; “Do you think the cleaning fairy does it on a regular basis?” So she went and dug up her fairy wings from Halloween to wear while cleaning.

I’m also very proud that I hear such positive things about my kids from others. It’s really good to hear that others see what you see in your kids. 😉

Once I took a breath..what would you be telling me about, if we were having coffee?






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