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I just get lost in my garden. I love the textures and colours. I adore watching journey that my plants take as the season goes on.

This year I’m trying creeping sedum for a patch where weeds barely grow. Hopefully it’s as hardy as advertised! Now I just need to add some rocks to cover the surrounding area while the sedum takes root. 🙂 I’m sure it will be a source of inspiration as it grows.

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These colorful perennials fit into many niches.

Creeping sedums, also commonly known as stonecrops, offer unending interest throughout my garden. They are among the most versatile, drought-tolerant, and easy-to-grow perennials I’ve ever cultivated during several decades as a gardener. Sedums actually decrease work for a gardener as they increase in square footage. Renowned for their ability to spread quickly, these low growers thus keep weeds from taking hold. Although it’s not necessary to deadhead the spent blooms since they eventually just fade away, it’s easy to remove old flowers with a string trimmer. As long as they’re not over-watered, they rarely suffer from any diseases or pests.

While even the poorest soil can nourish sedums—and poor or little soil is actually their preferred medium—good drainage is the key to growing them. Too much moisture, especially standing water, will do what no drought can: It will quickly kill a sedum.

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