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Grateful for my home.

UPDATE: July 2016 – 3 MONTHS later…. fire considered “under control”. NOT out…but under control.

The Fort McMurray wildfire, which forced the largest evacuation in Alberta’s history and consumed more than 2,400 structures and nearly 600,000 hectares of forest, is now classified as under control. (source: )

With my area of Canada so very dry and no rain in site it was a little alarming when people ignored the fire ban over the past few days. Even with the fires of Fort McMurray still in our headlines people were thoughtless enough to think (not think?) that it couldn’t happen because of them.

I’m looking forward to posting about being grateful for rain.


Patchwork Ponderings

A horrifyingly large portion of Alberta, Canada is burning.

photo credit: Edmonton Journal May 7 2016

just below the ‘T’ and ‘A’ in the word Alberta… is burning (May 8 2016)

Thousands of Canadians have had to leaving everything; their home, their clothing; their memories and even their pets. They had to pick up and run from “The Beast” [That’s what the fire-fighters are calling this fire.] As of today they’re afraid it will burn for MONTHS. On Friday the Weather Network reported,  “The massive Fort McMurray fire has now spread to over 100,000 hectares.”

London, England is 157, 200 hectors.  New York City, USA is 121, 400 hectors, an international sized rugby field is about 1 hector.

fortmacfire3 Photo credit: Calgary Herald   “Residents of Fort McMurray flee” May 3rd 2016

Seeing such loss makes you that much more grateful for what you have. Yes, I’m grateful for the house that…

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