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Canada Parks Day

In honour of Canada Parks Day, I’m sharing some moments from our favourite parks here in Ontario.

Rock Point Provincial Park

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Rock Point Provincial Park was established in 1957. The park covers 188 hectares; 161 ha of land, 27 ha of water  [fyi 1 ha = 2.271 acres]  Rock Point features are: an extensive sandy beach, an exposed limestone rock pavement with Devonian fossils, sand dune formations, Carolinian plant communities and significant numbers, varieties of seasonal migratory birds and migratory path for monarch butterflies.  (sources: & (Rock Point Management Plan)

Niagara Parks Commission 

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In the years since 1885, [ when the Niagara Falls Parks Act was passed ]  more and more land has been acquired so that now the Ontario Niagara Parks system covers 1,325 hectares (3,274 acres) extending along the entire length of the Niagara River. The properties include Falls attractions, golf courses, historic sites, a horticultural school, restaurants and a butterfly conservatory. There is also a 56 km (35 mile) recreational trail and scenic Niagara Parkway. (source:





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