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If we were having coffee.. the cost of socks.

If we were having coffee I’m sure I’d be complaining about how much it costs just for the every day living stuff that I’ve had to buy for my oldest, who is heading off to university in a few weeks. (EEEK) Over $200 Cnd is what I spent on two regular sized shopping bags yesterday! Shampoo, an alarm clock, band-aids, socks… the every day ‘stuff’. When “they” give you the outline of how much it will cost to send you kid to university they don’t include this stuff in your cost.

Tuition, residence, meal plans, books are all listed. Some lists sneak in transportation to/from the university and a vague reference to cost of living. But really did even the vast array of Pinterest get-ready-for-dorm-life pins talk about the cost?

A lot of the Pinterest links talk about decorating your room for “cheep” and I fully understand why now. It’s because your parent type people are eating KD for a few months after paying for the every day living stuff.

Oh, would you like another cup? My ice coffee is getting warm. I guess I’m forgetting to breath during my vent.

Don’t get me wrong, she’s saved up all her wages from the last three summers…. that covers one year of tuition. Grrr don’t get me started on how stupid expensive university is.

I never thought about how much of the every day stuff we share. When I was making the list (I should show it to you… humm look back here next week, I’ll make a less ‘rant-y’ post about it.) .. Humm oh yeah, when I was making the list it kept growing because I’d think of something else we share.. shampoo, body wash, tea, sugar etc.

I had a wee moment when I realised I had to buy extra socks. My daughter wears non-matching socks. Apparently it’s a thing. Since I work part time in an elementary school it really didn’t matter that as a result, I too wear non-matching socks since we shared.

Now I’ll have my own socks.

(sipping ice coffee, grabbing Kleenex) 

Other Mom’s talk about how they fight with their daughter or how they always have to pick up after her. They say they build a stronger bond with some distance between them.

I’m not them.

Thanks for stopping by. Thanks for listening.



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11 thoughts on “If we were having coffee.. the cost of socks.

  1. Gosh University supplies, I was just venting about purchasing grade 1 supplies. Not so much price, but just the change in what we need to supply. Regardless, I guess it is that time of year again. I love the non-matching sock thing, especially since it is a Mother/Daughter thing in your situation, that is so cute! Sounds like you 2 share a special relationship; University will grow that relationship in new special ways even though it changes the socks situation a little. Thank you for sharing.


  2. I can relate to this. Not as a mom, but someone who did uni far away from home. I remember shopping for all that stuff you mentioned for my dorm, not too mention a lot of books that I need. Looking back now, I totally agree how much it sucks that uni is expensive. My parents worked hard for my education and I’m proud of them. Now that I’m working I’m giving back in ways I can. I’m sure your daughter will appreciate everything you’ve done. You are doing great.


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