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What to bring to University ~ a Mom’s list for you.

I’m at the stage in parenting where what I watch her do is far far more than what I do for her. As she’s preparing for university I have to step back and let her go. BUT I can suggest what she’ll need to bring and since I’m a big list maker I put this together for her.

Last weekend’s #WeekendCoffeeShare post I babbled about the cost of everything. With cost in mind we decided not to purchase everything on this list. Some of it went into the ‘wait-and-see’ column, some of it she’s getting from our camping equipment (plates/utensils), and some she doesn’t want new (blanket/comforter).

Obviously you’ll make a list that’s yours. For instance, I shared this list with daughter’s boyfriend and he didn’t think he’d need the midol. Is there something I missed? Something that you found you never used? Please share!

what to bring

I read blogs and articles that I found links for on Pinterest and starting a list. Stuff for school work, stuff for her dorm room, the day-to-day stuff and the stuff for when she’s sick.

~ ~ ~

A few tid bits that I didn’t really think of …

*Air freshener…get a scent that reminds you of home it will make you new ‘home’ feel like its yours faster.



Printers/Ink .. Not the easy decision we thought it to be.

Printers ~ I thought we’d just look for a sale then grab the most economical printer, some ink, paper and away she went. Thanks to some helpful hints we did some research. Printers that go on sale for $25ish (Cnd) have ink that print about 160 pages. Printers that go on sale for $50ish have ink that print 260 pages. The ink costs roughly the same. But when you’re printing papers that are 30pages plus for 5 classes the ink cost is much higher.  Our lesson to share: compare the printers..find three that are similar features and upfront cost THEN look at the month to month cost of ink. If you search “page yield” for the ink required for your print you can figure out the cost per page.

* Command Hooks.. You can use paint for plastic to make a better colour. They can be used to hang nicer curtains, shelves, memo boards, a canopy over your bed, a place for your key and…  Well check out the pages of ideas on Pinterest.

Enjoy your journey! Dream BIG

“Be silly. Be honest. Be kind.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson


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