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If we were having coffee..not much going on

If we were having coffee it would be iced again for me. I think I’ll have to sip it a bit to try to stop myself from whining about the heat. Southern Ontario isn’t supposed to have temperatures warmer than Mumbai ! A good thing is with our temperatures being so hot my sister will be used to it for her upcoming trip to Disney.

Humm…other than whining about the weather I don’t have a lot to chat about. We don’t have any more to buy for daughter heading to University (I did post our / my list earlier this week.) Baseball season is winding down for our son…my washing machine is as grateful for that as I am for his dirty pants (another of this weeks posts). It’s generally that point of summer where it feels like it’s too long. I’ve often thought that we should have 6 weeks for summer break and add two weeks worth of breaks to other parts of the year,

Oh..some cheering on t.v. …Have you been watching the Olympics? Our Canadian ladies have been rocking it !!

Well I’m going to take my ice coffee and wander over to PartTime Monster’s blog { } to see what other people are chatting about. Enjoy your day. Thanks for visiting!


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