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Grateful for star filled nights

Our last family camping trip this year fell on a perfect week. With cooler temperatures and rain only a few times during the night it was very relaxing. Our family does not do heat well so the break in the heat was most welcome.

Our days were spent reading with a few walks or bike rides for breaks and some swimming in the lake.  The nights by the fire were just perfect. Listening to the very loud symphony of frogs and insects by the fire watching the stars slowly fill the sky together …it could be the definition of content.

The “light pollution” in the city just washes out the full carpet of stars. I’m grateful for

photo by Dark Sky Viewing Ontario

camping trips that allow us to get away to see more of the world around us. There are few things more beautiful than a sky full of stars.

This week Colline is grateful for something that takes her to as many places as there are stars. Kindly visit her blog to share in what she’s grateful for.

What are you grateful for this week?





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