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Coffee Share ~ Road Trips

If we were having coffee I’d offer you a seat in my kitchen. It’s still pretty wet from the storm that went through last night, so my porch won’t be comfortable. It’s been a while since we’ve had a storm that caused conversation.

Did it rain where you live last night? Rain (or the lack of) has been a big topic for us this summer so no wonder the storm was a show stopper. We were at my nephews 16th birthday party when we had to go out onto the porch to watch the rain blowing through. The road looked more like a river with the waves of water going down it !!  I was even making a video until the wind shifted and I got wet 😉

Ahh but the title I choose for this weekend was road trip. Are you wondering why I’m talking about rain and my nephew’s party?

If you remember my daughter started university this past week. Well she wanted to celebrate her cousin’s birthday so we made the 3 hour round trip to get her and later today we’ll do it again to take her back.

One of the things I like about the university she picked is that the trip there is a nice drive.WP_20150514_016 The traffic in general isn’t bad and a big chunk of the drive has some really pretty scenery. When we head up to get her in a few weeks for Thanksgiving the fall colours should be stunning.

I love the Fall. I’m sure I’ll be sharing more about it in the coming weeks. Right now I’m most content with the return of routine.

Before I start sipping my ice coffee and reading about your week, I’m going to take a moment. 15 years ago today; I remember … I remember so much. I’m going to take a moment.



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6 thoughts on “Coffee Share ~ Road Trips

  1. What a nice road trip to look forward to! I too love the fall.. There’s a lot about it that cheers me up when I’m depressed about summer leaving us.


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