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If we were having coffee .. distracted

If we were having coffee I’d be apologising. The kettle isn’t on. I meant to be ready for you and I even thought about what I wanted to chat about. Then

Then I read the news headlines. Barely a week after the 15th anniversary of 9/11 and bombs are exploded in New Jersey and New York City. I can’t imagine how they’re feeling right now. I know they’re strong and this certainly won’t keep them off their feet. Thankfully reports are of “just” injuries.

Sorry… what would you like to drink. There’s a fall chill to the air. Would you like something warm?

So, this week’s highlight… đŸ™‚ We went to the Drive In to see the movie Twister. I’ve always p18026_d_v8_aawanted to see it at the drive in. Years ago when it was first released my now husband and I were going to go see it at the Drive In but there was a storm that night and…yep a tornado went through the area damaging one of four screens. Yes, the one that Twister was scheduled to play on.

We love going to the Can-View Drive In, in Fonthill, Ontario. It’s the best way to watch movies. Our son brought a cot along. He set it up beside our van with some pillows and blankets. What more could you ask for? Stars on the screen while under the stars in the sky.

The really fun part of watching Twister at the Drive In? Yes, the drive in scene is more intense but at the end where the F5 is chasing them; the wind picked up as that scene started. It was like those 4D movies where the seats move or they spray you with water.

Other than that life is settling back into a routine. Which makes me feel content.  Not much to chat about here. What’s happening on your side of the screen?


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4 thoughts on “If we were having coffee .. distracted

  1. The drive-in and Twister? That is great! I wondered if there were any drive-ins left, my husband and I had just talked about it a few days ago. We used to live in Ontario, I will have to share your post with him later. Haha, that is good stuff.

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  2. I loved the drive in, and went to the last remaining one in Tucson as an adult…Unfortunately we no longer have that option. I picture the cot and pillows and blanket..not far from where I now watch all my entertainment…my bed!!


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