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Grateful for our first 20 years

I’ve been a bit lax in posting my ‘grateful for’ post these past few weeks. Not because I haven’t been grateful…there’s been crisp fall days, playgrounds full of children’s laughter, warm purrs and soft cool sheets…. it’s just I have had such a hard time putting the words on the screen. I sit down to write then my mind and heart wander to thoughts of my daughter. She’s had a wonderful start to her adventure at university. I’m so proud watching her spread her wings. Yet my heart aches. I miss her terribly.

On to this week..

Our 20th wedding anniversary was last week and we celebrated with a wonderful weekend;20160926_084815 full of ‘stuff’ that was us. We watched our son’s football game. Went to the Drive In to see Princess Bride and Raiders of the Lost Arc. Some time playing video games. A couple dinners out. A wonderful afternoon wandering around the shops and historic area in Niagara on the Lake. And a trip down the rabbit hole. đŸ˜‰

I’m so grateful for the weekend. I’m grateful for the love, the friendship, the laughter and even the tears from our first 20 years.


Kindly pop over to Colline’s Blog to see what she’s been grateful for.


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