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If we were having coffee ~ Foggy

If we were having coffee, I’d offer you a warm cuppa to take the chill off. The damp afternoon feels that much more chilly when you realise we were wearing t-shirts only a couple days ago.

I’d also be offering an apology. I have not felt social these past few weeks. I’m sorry that I haven’t invited you over for coffee and tea.

I haven’t done much blogging at all. I re-blogged a few stories about Hour of Code and some of the history of computer science.  It’s so important for our kids to learn about coding and computers.

I just haven’t felt … connected. I haven’t taken that many photos either over the past couple months either. Perhaps that’s why the lack of connection is also in the photo challenges.

20161117_083016I haven’t been particularly busy either. Just hiding away; feeling a little foggy. I’ve taken a few more photos these last few days and started crocheting again. (I think my crochet blog has dust on it! eek). Kind of like the weather a few days ago. It was light and warming up but the fog hung close to the ground.

I feel foggy like this photo. I can see the road and where it’s going I’m just not sure of what it will look like.

What’s the ‘mental’ weather like for you? Rays of sunshine, drifting unique crystals ..?


Thank you to Part Time Monster for hosting this challenge.



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2 thoughts on “If we were having coffee ~ Foggy

  1. My mental weather is clear and warm. I am focused on home and neighborhood. My father was the history of coding…he got a PHD in 1967 and designed the first numerical model of an oil field. It was so primitive you would not recognize it.

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