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If we were having ring

If we were having coffee I’d also offer you a blanket. We tend to keep our house cooler than most, since you’ve just come in from our first snow you may want more than a coffee to warm you.

It’s been a busy and distracting few weeks..months for me and my wee little blog is showing it. While I feel that I’m missing something when I’ve been neglecting the ‘challenges’ and other posts that I used to do regularly, I’m ok with other stuff being a priority over it. However I feel bad for not post a ‘gratitude‘ post each week.ย 9f52528a0710d778dbae2e822022d97d

I make an effort to note what I’m grateful for each day. I find that I’m just that much happier when I make the effort to soul search; to ponder my week and write a short post about what I’m grateful for. Taking the time to compose my thoughts and put them out there is good.

Lately I have a few drafts of ‘grateful for’ posts. I’ve been second guessing myself which I’m going to stop doing. These posts, while public, are for me. I post them here in the off chance someone will take up this habit themselves. {I’m so grateful that I found Colline’s Blog and picked up the idea from her weekly gratitude posts!}

Yummm I’m sipping my holiday treat… Chestnut and praline latte with whip cream. The whip cream really makes it special. What did you choose to sip today?

Yes, I did mention a wedding ring. It’s actually a 20 year old ring. It comes to mind this week because I am wearing it again and I’m so grateful! ย 2016-12-11-10-03-16

I’ve started a journey this year and I’m almost half way to my ultimate goal. This past week I made my weight goal for 2016 and a happy bonus happened. It never occurred to me that the rings I’ve been wearing for the past few years would get so loose. AND yesterday I discovered my wedding band fit again.

What would you like to chat about this week? What are you grateful for?

Thanks to Part-Time Monster for hosting this weekly chat!



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16 thoughts on “If we were having ring

  1. Well done on your weight lose! What did you do to help it happen? I am trying to get my wedding rings to fit again as well. My husband bought me beautiful ones and I am sad that I am unable to wear them.
    Welcome back to posting your gratitude – I have missed you.

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  2. Congrats on achieving your goal. It inspires me to read about people disciplined and persistent in losing weight as it’s good for the health. I have been on and off losing weight over the past years and I’m putting it up on my list again as soon as my sched for next year gives way ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thanks for coffee!


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