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Grateful for snowploughs

I’m a little late for last weeks gratitude post because I’ve been soaking in some family time. Our daughter’s last exam was Friday night so we were scheduled to pick her up the next morning. However the weather forecast loomed over this happy trip.

The forecast was for snow 10 – 20 cm over night then freezing rain mid day on Saturday.  Thankfully we didn’t get the snow that the said was possible. We did however want to get there and back before we had to worry if the freezing rain was coming. Through an odd

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twist of fate we left 30 minutes later than planned. This turned to our favour since we got to drive with the pack of vehicles behind the snowplough team. This made our trip slower but less worrisome with the better road conditions.

I wish I could have got a photo of what the snowploughs looked like. Each highway snow plough is a massive truck and there were 4 of them. One truck for each lane and the forth for the shoulder of the road. They travel slightly staggered, with their row of  orange flashing lights in the morning haze and the roar of the snow being pushed.. they look like some kind of fire monster when they are behind you.

I’m so grateful that they were out there clearing our path. Our normally hour and half drive took two and a quarter hours that morning but I’m sure it would have been stressful if it hadn’t been for them.

Their work and the warming weather cleared the road of snow for our return trip and that trip thankfully got us home in our normal time…before the freezing rain.

~ ~ ~

Colline was grateful for penguin covered trees this week.  What are you grateful for?


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