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Resilient: WP Photo Challenge

The Thunder Rocks in Allegany State Park, U.S.A. have stood the test of time. Year after year we visit them. I’m in awe of their size and how resilient they’ve been against the weather and time.

A long time ago (about 360 million years ago) New York State, along with Allegany State Park was covered by a large, shallow sea. The nearby Catskill Mountains were formed to the east during this time. Sediment from these mountains eroded westward towards western New York and deposited within this area. Thunder Rocks is made up of this sediment. Over some time, frost wedging and gravity erosion shaped the boulders into their present arrangement. Gravity was able to pull the large rocks down some slopes and hills. This resulted in the rocks being scattered away from each other.


Information compiled by Riley Brumagin and Owen Dudley 5/31/2012


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