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#Weekend Coffee Share ~ Creating in a Mess

If we were having coffee I’d start by apologising. I’m going to have to clear you a spot in my living room.  Housework was ignored the last couple days as my hubby and I both had a creative focus. I’ll have to warn you like my living room my mind is kind of cluttered at the moment.

Would you like some coffee? tea? hot chocolate? chai latte?  We have a variety. I’ve been shopping at the local ‘k-cup’ store since we have a new coffee machine.

It feels really good to be into my crocheting again! For a few months, I felt such a slump. Perhaps it was the adjustment to my daughter living away at university? And maybe a mix of what’s going on at work. A new boss and her style are very different from the previous, it’s had such an impact on the whole place. My job is stressful every day when it really shouldn’t be.

What am I working on? So glad you asked! My “baby” is turning 16 soon. I made his sister ajack-skellington-c2c bed sized TARDIS for her 16th and for him I’m making a Jack Skellington blanket. I’m very proud of how my daughters turned out. Hopefully, my son’s will also!

I had toyed with and tried a few other approaches for this blanket but found my “ah HA” moment while looking at Corner to Corner {C2C} blankets by

It seems I’ll be busy posting on my crocheting blog this weekend!

How’s your beverage? Do you need another? I hope you don’t mind my cat cuddling up to you.

My tea is still doing great! I discovered the difference between the economical and the expensive travel mugs this week. My ‘forgotten tea’ stays HOT.

My mind is wandering back to early this week. Where I work, one of our kids that has behaviour management difficulties had a break through moment. I am so happy for him. It’s moments in time like this one that shines through what has been a very stressful time.

I think I’ll keep mulling over the rest of what’s on my mind this weekend.  If we were having coffee what would you chat about?


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6 thoughts on “#Weekend Coffee Share ~ Creating in a Mess

  1. Thank you for the chai latte! Love that stuff. 🙂 I’ve been thinking about taking up crocheting again. It’s been a very long time, but I think I can remember some of it. I’ll probably have to start with something simple.


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