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Grateful for newspaper fliers.

For years our son and daughter delivered the weekly fliers (advertising papers). When our daughter went away to university, I decided to keep her route.  This way I know that I get at least an hour walk each week!

Most weeks my hubby and I walk the route together. It’s a nice time to just be together, ktjgxgogcwalking and chatting uninterrupted. We chat about our week, the kids, our dreams for the future. It’s nice with busy schedules and daily ‘stuff’ to have time just walking with him. I look forward to it.

Well .. even the rainy nights but then it’s because he does half the route and I do the other half. I’m grateful then for not having to be in the rain for the whole hour! lol

This week I’m grateful for our weekly walk delivering the fliers. I’m grateful for the time to connect with my hubby each week.

Colline was grateful for headache tablets. 

What are you grateful for this week?




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