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WP Photo Challenge – Repurpose

When you see such fun in this musical whoamagigit it`s hard to say that the components were not meant to be part of such a joyful purpose.


Whoville Music on wheels
as seen in the Niagara Falls Santa Parade 2015


And they’ll shriek, squeak, and squeal racing round on their wheels,
Then dance with jin-tinglers tied onto their heels!”

“They’ll blow their flu-flubers, they’ll bang their tar-tinkers,
They’ll blow their hoo-hoovers, they’ll bang their gar-dinkers!
They’ll beat their trum-tookers, they’ll slam their sloo-slunkers!
They’ll beat their blum-blookers, they’ll wham their hoo-whunkers!”

How The Grinch Stole Christmas by Dr. Seuss

via Photo Challenge: Repurpose



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