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Grateful for fluffy snow

Well, Mr.Winter decided to give us all of our snow for this season in the span of two days. This week I’m very grateful that it was cold those two days.

I’m grateful for the low temperature because it makes soft, light, fluffy snow. We received about 40cm of snow in that 48 hours. Sunday we could see the crocus’ blooming…. Wednesday the snow was piled waist high on top of those wee confused flowers.

Fluffy snow is so much easier on the back and shoulders for that I am grateful.

fluffy snow (1)

~ ~ ~

I’m happy to see that Colline has enjoyed her well-earned rest this week. Kindly pop over to her blog to read what she’s grateful for this week.

What are you grateful for?



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5 thoughts on “Grateful for fluffy snow

  1. I’m grateful for the sunlight melting the ice on my back porch! I was trying to chip away at it so my dogs could get out to the yard to do their doggy business. The sun said – hey lady let me take care of that block of ice/porch – and now it is just some slush easily scooped away!! đŸ˜€


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