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Finally discovered….Snapseed !

In May I had to get a new phone which meant getting used to a few new features. Primarily getting used to the camera app.

I had a Samsung Galaxy S3 previously and loved the camera functions. The settings menu was easy to use.

I haven’t played much with my new phone/camera’s settings much. I have tried when I’m ‘in the moment’…trying to adjust to get a better photo but the settings menu is not straight forward and I get frustrated. It’s time to look on YouTube or somewhere for a “how to”. That’s not to say I’ve not got some great photos with my Asus Zenfone Laser 3. I’m happy with the quality but… I want to do more.

Asus Zenfone 3 Laser (camera) [cropped]
Moving on to why I’m posting today…

I’ve heard about Snapseed before but thought it was just for iPhones. I’ve only just begun playing with this app but already I’m loving how easy it is to use. And I’m thrilled with the features.


Features such as auto tune / fix and crop are easy and effective. The healing featured helped me ‘find’ the photo I was trying to get with my phone. ❤


But the feature that I find fascinating is the perspective feature. I used it, the auto-tune and crop on the below photo. I also like the text feature. 🙂







It’s a bit more obvious that I used the perspective and auto-tune features for the cone flower. I also used the curve feature to deepen the colours.P_20170708_170936_vHDR_Auto.jpg





I’m looking forward to playing more with this app. It’s been a long time since I was this happy with an app!


What do you use to enhance your photos?

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