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Ordinary Life goes on. A tale you won’t see in the news about October 22 2014 in Ottawa, Canada

A repost to honour my dear friend. ❤ I wish us enough.

Patchwork Ponderings

My friend is ‘that nice lady’ who drives the kids safely to and from school near Ottawa each day. After the chaos of yesterday, traffic was naturally busy. This is how she not only keeps ‘her’ kids safe but feeling secure and happy. We’re lucky to have Canadian’s like her. On her Facebook page she wrote:

“…so according to Google Maps it is a 2 minute drive along the 2.6 km stretch of Old Montreal Rd between Frank Kenny & Quigley Hill. Except today. Today is was 1 hr and 15 minutes.

BUT…. it was a warm & sunny Fall day. Not a cold, slippery blizzard. So we did the only thing we could do. We turned up the radio and had a dance party

Whenever we had to opportunity to move ahead a few feet I would yell FREEZE! and the kids would sit like statues until we stopped…

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